二〇二四年新年致辞|2024 New Year’s Message



日月其迈,岁律更新。 2024年的脚步渐近,值此辞旧迎新之际,我谨代表安博·体育(中国)官方网站,向辛勤奋战在国内外各地的兴业人及家属、广大合作伙伴和社区群众致以诚挚的问候!向长期关心、支持和帮助兴业银锡的各级政府、投资者与社会各界朋友表示最衷心的感谢!
Time flies,and the years are renewed.The year 2024 is approaching, on the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new,on the behalf of Inner Mongolia XingyeSilver&Tin Mining Co., Ltd, I would like to extend sincere greetings to the Xingye people and their families,partners and community members who are working hard at home and abroad! To extend the most heartfelt thanks to government at all levels, investors and friends from all walks of life who give the long-term care, support and help Xingye Silver& Tin!

The year 2023 is a critical year for China's economic recovery and development. This year, our country has introduced a series of new policies to promote the development of the private economy and the mining industry, coupled with the "The Belt and Road"international cooperation platform and geopolitical advantages, the mining industry ushered in a new opportunity for development.At the same time, the lack of momentum in economic recovery after the epidemic, and complex and volatile international situationalso make the industry competition more intense. Under the opportunities and challenges, Xingye Silver& Tin is revitalizing with new vitality.

In 2023, Xingye Silver& Tin is escorted by a new philosophy. We deeply analyze the internal and external situation faced of our own development,put forward a far-reaching "High-quality Development Plan",make the deployment of our work from the directional, fundamental, strategic perspectives. From five aspectsof Safety first, adhere to the concept of safe development; respect talent and become an enterprise with talents; strengthen the company by technology, help the company’s innovation and development; global planning and adhere to the system concept; actively docking the capital market and release the potential value ", we created a new situation of high-quality development of the company in the future. This year, the first three-year management planning of the company 2021-2023 was successfully ended. In order to continue to realize the prospective, scientific and systematic management planning work and ensure the realization of high-qualitydevelopment planning, the second three-year management planning of 2024-2026 was officially launched.

In 2023, Xingye Silver& Tin showed with a new look. In order to highlight the company's main business and strengthen the brand effect, we officially launched the name of "Inner Mongolia XingyeSilver&Tin Mining Co., Ltd” based on the future development strategy. At the same time, we completed the third corporate culture concept and VI system upgrade,established "Q&S-based" culture system. This is the key initiative of the strategic development of Xingye Silver& Tin, marking the company's new goals and new journey, also marking the company has entered into a new era of high-quality development.

In 2023, Xingye Silver& Tin achieved new results, which should be sng and written,make everyone exciting: in this year, we deepened the "four modernizations" construction, fully implemented the principal responsibility of the company safety production, enhanced the level of intrinsic safety, improved a more sound safety production system. This year, we concentrate and move forward, creating the largest incremental economic benefits in the history of Xingye Silver& Tin, the development momentum continues to strengthen. This year, we strengthened the resource reserves, on the basis of making important progress in the mine periphery and the deep search for ore,we stride forward and moved to the international community,our footprints spread multinational metal mines such as Ghana, Russia, Indonesia and other countries, our international development concept has realized step by step. This year, we use wisdom to overcome the difficulties, and the technical reform project of cassiterite flotation of Yinman Miningwas successfully put into production, and tin metal recovery rate set a new record; and we have got four high-tech enterprise certifications ofYinman mining, Qianjinda Mining, Rongguan Mining, Ruineng Mining, injecting new power for the Xingye Silver& Tin to realize the technology-strengthened companies. This year, we grasped the opportunity and empower the future, successfully acquired of Xizang Xingye Gold Co., Ltd and put into production. This year, we actively undertook social responsibility, supported education, medical care, disaster relief and other public welfare undertakings, built a harmonious community, to convey the temperature of Xingye with practical action responding to the call of the state. This year, the board of directors successfully completed the replacement, the company will be led by the new leadership team, unified thinking and clear direction, strive continuously to strengthen oneself!

In 2024, it is the momentum stage of high-quality development of Xingye Silver& Tin, and it is the opening year of the "second three-year" plan. Goal in heart, direction at foot. The company will continue to promote the strategic goal of "basing in Inner Mongolia, focusing on the main business of resources; facing the world, extending the industrial layout", and continue the pace of internationalization; based on safety, focusing on the continuity of goals and resources, and increase the enhancement of innovation,vision,team building and corporate culture management; in response to the national policy and the development of the times, we vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of the company, help the global economic development with a more surging passion for the struggle and a more open attitude, and strive to grow as the stable and steady  "promising stock” in the new economy wave, and to realize the new development of Xingye Silver& Tin to a higher quality and a higher level!

The times have given us the responsibility, Xingye people will have the courage to take on the role. Friends, colleagues, let us jointly welcome the hopeful 2024 with a bright desire for the future. Let us all wish for the prosperity and peace of our country! Widthfor a stable and prosperous career!Wish all employees, family members and friends who care about and support the Xingye a happy new year, and all get whatever you wish for

兴业银锡 董事长 吉兴业

JiXingye , Chairman of Xingye Silver& Tin

December 31, 2023